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72U is an intensive one-of-a-kind learning experience designed to open people up to new ways of thinking, collaborating, and tackling modern communication problems.


72U is a team of individuals with diverse talents, levels of experience and interests. 72U’s curriculum is created responsively, based on participants’ strengths and needs.

Participants learn from each other as well as from the agency, through process-based collaboration and hands-on instruction. Together, the 72U team will explore the intersection of creativity, culture, technology, storytelling and brand strategy.

The program features structured workshops, guest speakers, independent and collaborative projects, and the opportunity to work side-by-side with agency professionals on agency projects.

The 72U experience is about thinking big, taking creative risks and making things that matter in culture.


In 72U you will develop a hybrid skill set for creative problem solving, a better understanding of your own unique process, and a better understanding of what role you might play in a modern agency environment.


The goal of 72U is to develop talent for the agency and industry as a whole, while helping creative thinkers explore the opportunities available within a modern communication company. 72andSunny hires as many graduates of 72U as possible each session, but there are no quotas, and no guarantee of employment after the program.

72U lives within 72andsunny



405 Nano

72U transformed a gallery into a one-night-only immersive art experience by covering the walls and ceilings with phosphorus paint. After signing a waiver, each person was given a high powered laser and safety goggles allowing attendees to draw on the light reactive collaborative canvas.

Born Modern

72U created two epic murals in the heart of Hollywood to spark a public conversation about facial recognition software. The goal of the project was to explore how technology is affecting our sense of identity. We were granted the 2nd and 3rd mural permit in LA after a 10 year ban on murals was lifted.

Collaborative Canvas

Collaborative Canvas is an interactive touchscreen platform that connects the Amsterdam and LA offices; bridging the physical distance between 72ers, encouraging play, and inspiring creativity. It is built on the web using Javascript (node.js), HTML5 and the speed of socket.io.

Turbulence Problem

The Turbulence Problem was a custom immersive theater experience created to celebrate the grand opening of 72andSunny's new office in the Howard Hughes building. 72U documented the entire creative process from conception to the event night.

Sugar Coated

Lolita, a fashion movement imported from the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo, has a thriving group of followers in Los Angeles. 72U followed four Lolitas to investigate their motivations for taking on the extreme style.

  • 405 Nano
  • Born Modern
  • Collaborative Canvas
  • Turbulence Problem
  • Sugar Coated
Blue Dog



You're driven, passionate, accountable, ambitious and resourceful. You know you’re talented, and have worked hard to nurture your innate spark, developing skills and a unique point-of-view. Your intense curiosity has fed a compulsion to build/make/do. You’re hungry to innovate. Above all, you’re excited for a creative journey that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

You may have little to no experience in advertising, but this does not have to be an obstacle to your success. Your outsider’s perspective allows you and your colleagues to surprise and inspire the 72andSunny community from within.

You should feel you have something to teach others, and know you have things to learn. You should be prepared to lead and to follow, ready to handle uncertainty and appreciate viewpoints other than your own.

Mostly, you’re looking
for an opportunity to focus
your talents and make
a career out of
creative self-expression.


There is no tuition to participate in 72U. If selected, you'll be asked to contribute a $1,000 investment by April 8th 2015 in order to secure your spot. This money will go towards production of your final 72U project.


  • Deadline is February 21st
  • Selection announced April 1st
  • Deposit due: April 8th

This program requires you to be fully invested mentally and physically for 12 weeks and does not allow for significant commitments outside of 72U between January 19th to April 10th, 2015.

Winter session 2015
Jan 19th - April 10th

Summer session 2015
May 25th - Aug 14th

Fall session 2015
Sept 28th - Dec 18th



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We've received your application for the Summer 2015 Session.



So is this an internship or what?

No. You could call 72U a training program. We prefer to think of it as a program designed to enhance and support creative self-expression. Every element of the experience is part of your education— the curriculum, your peers, your projects, and the city of L.A.

Is housing provided?

Sort of. For those coming from outside the L.A. area, the 72U house is a pre-furnished home within bicycling distance of 72andSunny. Rent is partially subsidized by the agency, making the 72U house an affordable option for participants without a long-term lease.

So if this isn't an internship then it's a portfolio school, right?

Nope. The first priority of a portfolio school is developing a record of your experience and skills. At 72U the focus is on the process of creation rather than the end result. Yes, you will make things that prove your mettle, things like short films, immersive events, interactive art pieces, advertising work, and prototypes of products. Stuff like that. See, the DNA of the program is experimentation and sometimes experiments work out and sometimes they don't. Regardless, you will learn a ton and have some tangible evidence from the process.

How many participants are selected per term?

It’s not exact, but around 6-7 people are selected to participate per session.

Do I get a job at 72andSunny at the end of this?

72andSunny cannot guarantee you a job at the company when you complete the program, but we are interested in hiring participants from each session and helping others get hired to jobs that fit them in and around the industry.

Where are 72U alumni working now?

72andSunny, obviously. But also Deutsch L.A., Instrument Portland, Leo Burnett Chicago, TBWA\Chiat\Day L.A., Wieden + Kennedy Portland, Wong Doody and others.

Do you have to be a US citizen to apply?

No! We love and value diversity. People from different countries, backgrounds, paths and professions are encouraged to apply.

Is 72U just in the LA office?

Right now it is but wouldn't it be cool to do the program in another city or country? We think so too. Let's see what opportunities 2014 bring.

Is 72U integrated into the agency?

Hell yeah it is! Even though we learn independently from the agency, 72andSunny and 72U are intertwined. 72U contributes to agency projects; hosts guest speakers/instructors from the agency; and each 72U participant is assigned personal advisors from within the agency’s ranks. One of 72andSunny's values is being generous with each other, meaning 72andSunny employees are happy to meet a 72uer for lunch or coffee, have a chat in a hallway, or share a beer.

Can you tell me the application questions so I can take time to compose some thoughtful answers?

Yes! Here you go.

What’s your story?, Tell us about your real education, Share what tangible skills you have (programs you know, languages you speak), What makes you interesting?, Name your five favorite blogs or sites for inspiration, What concepts/ideas/philosophies occupy your mind?, What would you like to get out of the 72U experience?, Professionally and creatively, where are you now and where do you want to be?



If you have any questions please reach out to

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